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Garden Lighting for Dubai

For an Excellent (Optimal) LED garden Lighting, discover ideas, Advice and products Made in Italy. Find out how to combine Modern Design with Functionality in Garden Lightning.

The performance of the LED Garden Lighting Offered is the best you can find in today’s market of outdoor lights Dubai (and of the world!!).

The best achievement of Design and Functionality of Garden lighting is combined with the Modern and Minimalist style of Novaprecisio LED lighting Technology.

You will be able to reduce outdoor lighting consumption for gardens, parks or terraces. The light and the elegance of the devices will enhance with a sober and refined style outdoor spaces.
The appropriate use of LED garden lighting such as lanterns, spotlights and outdoor LED bars can transform the outdoor of a home or business spaces into an oasis of well-being where you can spend pleasant evening hours.

Outdoor Lighting Dubai LED Bollard

LED Garden Lighting: Why Novaprecisio?

As of today 2021, LED Garden Lighting represents the best option as artificial light to give visibility and magnify outdoor spaces.

In fact, it has many advantages over previous technologies used to provide light to the garden, such as incandescent bulbs, iodide lamps and CFLs,

Not all Outdoor LED Lighting Systems are the same and having High Performance LED Garden Lighting Products will have an enormous impact on the investment as well as avoiding annoying maintenance.

Outdoor Lighting Made in Italy

Made in Italy Lamps

The production of LED Garden Lighting solutions offered for Dubai and UAE is entirely made in Italy.

Our Italian Outdoor Spotlights and Lamps, their unique style, their structure and trustworthy lighting and the exceptional performance, are in demand worldwide and too for Outdoor Lighting in Dubai.

Garden Light Furniture 10 Years Warranty

10 Years Warranty

The quality of our LED technology is also reflected in the long warranty we offer on the products.

In fact, you can take advantage of 10-year warranty on all LED
Garden Lighting products for sale on the site.

Clearing Maintenace Garden Lighting

Clearing maintenance / replacements

A strong quality of this new LED garden lighting technology is it’s durability.

On average, the life-spam of LED lights is 50,000 hours, but there may be some that work 20,000 hours or even over 100,000 hours.

The difference in length depends on the type of LED technology, on the power supply of the LED chips and on the conditions of the installation.

Outdoor LED bulbs shorten their life because they are not sufficiently protected.

The tin plating treatments, the anti-fog and humidity valves, the excellent materials and the advanced LED technology allows the running-performance of the Outdoor LED Lights even beyond 100,000 hours.

Outdoor Lighting Dubai Energy Saving

The Maximum of Energy Savings

The Energy saving of our production of LED Garden Lighting solutions with Modules is unbeatable. The LED chips and the technology adopted have very low consumption.

220 Lumen / watt of Luminous efficiency of ours products can achieve a 20 times saving on incandescent bulbs and double saving on LED bulbs.

Whether it’s a small garden to light up or a large park, you can take advantage of LED garden lights that ensure you the maximum energy savings currently obtainable.

Differences between LED modules and LED bulbs to lighten up the garden

As mentioned above, there are different LED technologies solutions on the LED garden lighting market.

Some are better performing than others. Perhaps not everyone knows that in addition to LED bulbs it is possible to use so-called LED modules for their outdoor lamps.

What are LED modules? LED modules are electronic boards that can be made in any shape(to create garden lamps design) and have more advantages than LED bulbs.

As seen above, you must know that LED bulbs have a lower waste power than LED modules. This happens because in LED bulbs the power supply is integrated into the bulb itself, while in LED modules the power supply is placed far from the module itself.

Therefore, using garden lighting with LED modules and special lenses as secondary optics, means having a higher luminous efficiency, a longer length of time and a higher quality of Outdoor Light.

Another important detail of the LED modules lies in the fact that they are generally designed as integration for external lighting systems in automation homes.

Garden Lighting Ideas

Swimming Pool Garden Lighting

Swimming pool garden lighting must use particular LED outdoor lamps.

This outdoors lighting must be able to resist not only to simple atmospheric agents but also to the chlorides or salt produced by the disinfectants present in the pool water.

By designing an adequate system of outdoor LED lights for swimming pools, you can create beautiful highly scenographic landscapes where you can spend pleasant moments with friends and relatives for an aperitif or dinner.

Even where there will be a hot tub, the right outdoor lighting will have the task of creating the perfect atmosphere to
be able to relax.

Pathway Garden Lightening

Very important when you light up the garden is to create the right pathway lighting.

Pathway LED lighting makes paths and walkways safe, allowing us to move in safety within the Garden.

This all while enjoying the energy savings, low maintenance and lighting quality offered by our LED Garden Lights.

In addition by choosing the right outdoor LED lighting devices, it makes the paths fully usable and safe, and it creates enchanting light paths for visitors.

LED Pathway Landscape Lighting near Pool

The light will help define the outdoor areas shapes, giving them character and style.

To light up the Garden Paths, Path markers are ideal for some
model-types of Garden Lanterns, Outdoor LED Spotlights and LED Bars are among the most innovative ones.

Depending on the shape of the path (gravel, tiled, etc) and the elements that accompany it (flower beds, hedges, trees, etc) we will define what will be the perfect solution for the Pathway Lighting.

Outdoor Driveway Lighting

The external driveway of a house or a villa with a park, it is the driveway that most often gives access to the property with garages or parking.

Since this area is dedicated to the passage of cars, it is important to provide adequate driveway lighting for external avenues.

Visibility must be optimal to avoid hitting walls or other obstacles when passing.

In addition to this, the entrance can be made spectacular as in the following image where we can find a long avenue flanked by trees
(cypresses) that are illuminated to enhance them and make them more majestic.

By properly lighting the External Avenues, you will make the entrance to your home or business unforgettable, leaving all visitors speechless.

Outdoor Driveway Lighting

Flower Beds Light

Flowerbeds, in parks and gardens, represent a decorative element.

The decoration takes place inside walls no higher than 30 cm that enclose a simple lawn, gravel of different colors, shrubs, flowers, stones, amphorae, a mirror of water etc.

The LED spotlight and the LED Bollard Light Minimalism are the ideal devices to light up the flowerbeds in the right way.

Matter of fact, being often in small size, the flowerbed requires suitable appliances to cover small areas that can enhance it at the same time.

LED Bollard Light for Flower BED

Trees Lighting

Often underestimated Garden Tree Lighting is a way to enhance outdoor spaces by giving them an irresistible charm.

The perfect garden lamp to light up trees are the LED Picket Spotlights which, unlike the Underground Recessed Spotlights are easily replaceable to adapt to the growth of the tree.

In general, various LED garden spotlights of this type are used to be placed at the base of the tree to brighten the trunk, and highlight its textures.

These can be integrated with Garden Spotlights to be placed around the canopy if you want to obtain a less plastic effect.

Other Adjustable Garden Spotlights are used when you want to get a silhouette effect with the shadow of the tree projected on adjacent walls.

Now imagine the landscape that your home or business will offer outside having your Olive, Palm, Cypress, Oak or Fir tree brightened.

Palm Tree Lights LED

Your property will seem much larger thanks to a Garden lighting system with spotlights specifically designed to enhance your trees.

Gazebo and Dehors Lighting

The complementary outdoors lighting areas of homes or businesses such as the gazebo or Dehors allows them to be used in the evening.

For example, just think of an external lighting system for wedding villas.

It will have to provide lighting for Gazebos and Dehors placed  outside the Villa / Restaurant to allow you to celebrate Events in the summer season.

Outdoor LED bars, LED spotlights, Applique wall lights are the best products to brighten and enhance these surroundings.

Anterior areas will be integrated with LED lanterns garden lighting.

Large Gardens and Parks Lighting

Park Lighting is a bit like lighting a large garden.

Whether it is a public park or a Private Villa park, it is necessary to plan the right amount of lighting to ensure safety for pedestrian paths and resting areas such as where there are benches.

Garden street lamps are the perfect products to light up paths and rest areas.

Design garden street lamps will give to the park greater value.

In the same way it is possible to enhance these large outdoor spaces with spotlights to highlight fountains, statues as well as trees, plants and flowerbeds.

For these large realities, the LED Garden Lighting offered will bring substantial differences in the maintenance and management costs of the Park’s outdoor lighting system.

Outdoor Parks Lighting

Terrace and Attic Lighting

The terrace, whether on the ground floor or in a attic, can be an extension of the veranda, where to place gazebo, sofas, a table and barbecue and why not a pretty swing chair.

This outdoor space is the part of the “garden” where usually more hours are spent and it is also very aesthetically pleasing.

Design Applique Wall matched with lanterns and it could be the perfect LED garden lighting result for terrace lighting.

Matted Outdoor LED Spotlights would be an intriguing alternative to many small lighting bodies scattered in the flowerbeds or in the pots that spread a pleasant light.

For those who are more eccentric, the use of Light Beams by Adjustable LED Spotlights will be a way to brighten the surrounding but also enhance it if used strategically.

Ultimately, another LED garden lighting product that is reserved for the most exclusive outdoor surroundings is the use of Outdoor LED Bars.

Attic Lighting

If we use Recessed Outdoor LED Bars, they can intertwine with the pavement of the Terrace or define its perimeter.

Vases, flowerbeds, as well as outdoor furniture will acquire an exclusive and refined style with the Outdoors LED Bars, becoming themselves lighting bodies that spread soft light into the environment.

Garden Lighting Advice

We have brought together for you the best Garden Lighting Advice and Tips.

From how and when to create a garden lighting project, to the choice of the color temperature of the light, the IP protection degree, the Materials and ending with extremely useful suggestions on how to use the twilight sensors, Light Pollution and why avoiding Solar Garden lighting is beneficial.

Create a Garden Lighting Project

The Garden Lighting Project is a fundamental step to get the maximum in functionality and aesthetics, in giving light to outdoor spaces. The landscape architect with lighting skills as the Light Designer, it’s the perfect figure to create an Outdoor Garden and Home LED lighting system.

The experience of both figures allows them to use light to embellish the environment, providing the right levels of outdoor lighting and safety while maintaining low operating costs.

The project-designer quality is to reduce consumption, focusing and adjusting the light beams where they are needed and be able to offer an attractive aesthetic result in the most prestigious environments.

When creating an outdoor lighting system, the right decisions will allow you to find solutions suitable for safety, cost and design needs.

In the Garden Lighting Project we will define:

  • Levels of lighting
  • Color Temperatures
  • Light Beams Radiation
  • Spotlights style, Street Lights and Outdoor Lamps
  • Garden lighting scheme

How much does a Designer Cost and when is it necessary?

The cost of the project varies according to the rates of the designer you are going to hire. We can find Garden Lighting Design quotes ranging from 10% to 40% of the net-cost to complete the commissioned project.

The Designer is generally required for large lighting projects and for small gardens it is possible to get good results by contacting our consultant who has experience on the perfect use and placement of Garden lighting.

Blending Functional Design and Garden Lighting!!

To brighten a private garden or business space garden, it is necessary to make an excellent compromise that combines design with functionality, so you must be able to see but without getting blinding.

Furthermore, the lighting fixtures must not be harsh but have a style, a personality to give character to the spaces outside the home.

How Much Light do you Need for Garden Lighting?

During the garden lighting project it is important to define the lighting levels that will affect your outdoor spaces. Ground lighting levels are expressed in Lux, which indicates lumens per square meter.

Referring to outdoor lighting, the values used by landscape architects, light designers, architects, etc., are between 5 lux and 20 lux.

This means that if we want to light up a garden of 100 square  meters, 500 square meters or 2000 square meters with 20 Lux, they correspond to 2000 Lumen, 10000 Lumen and 40000 Lumen.

For those who are not experts it is difficult to be able to identify how much power and which light direction to choose to reach these levels of lighting for the garden. Usually professionals use software such as the very famous DIALUX that allows you to easily simulate the light emitted by the various external light points.

Another way to identify how many and which devices to use for Garden lighting is to purchase samples tests that will allow even
non-professionals to get a flawless result.

Better Warm, Natural or Cold Light to brighten up the Garden?

Among the things to know, how to light the garden, which color-light temperature to take on.

Another peculiarity of using LEDs as  outdoor lights lies in the fact that the spectrum emission is calibrated on the visible light to the human eye.

This allows you to choose the color temperature to use to irradiate your garden, between cold light, warm light and natural light.

White light is mainly divided into three shades shown in the following table:

Standard Light Color Temperature

Definition of Range Range
Warm White Light < 3300 K
Neutral White Light 3300 K ÷ 5300 K
Cold White Light > 5300 K

Warm Light: The favorite for brightening the garden

Typically 95% of garden lights use warm light to achieve an atmosphere of relaxation and well-being.

The warm light has amber yellow tones and its featuring is to create relaxing and welcoming environments. With warm light it is possible to better highlight the colors of the various elements present in the garden such as flowers or stone wall texture.

Warm light is the one more appropriate for lighting private and public gardens, as it is the best one for creating the right atmosphere that must be found in an outdoor space.

Natural Light: The perfect balance

Natural light or neutral light is a balance between shapes and colors that produce excellent visibility, for this reason it is used for street lighting and accordingly is also suitable for external lighting driveways or roadways.

The natural light spectrum is the one more close and more used to the human eye during the daylight, it is very similar to sunlight, therefore, it is recommended where external lighting plays an important role for security purposes.

Cold Light to light up Modern Outdoor Spaces

Cold light has light-blue/blue shades. This color temperature has the characteristic of highlighting the shapes more than the colors. Honestly speaking, using cold light to shine on a garden in an evening setting is wrong.

This is because if our eyes come into contact with cold light, our body will immediately block the production of melatonin, compromising the ability to sleep well during the night.

Therefore, using cold light is not recommended at all, except for a few cases where instead of a garden there is a terrace with a concrete roof-top and the primary landscape elements are made of metal and glass.

Use the Garden Lighting with Twilight

Having a twilight garden lighting means having a system that adjusts to the switching on and off of the system at dusk, or rather sunrise and sunset.

Twilight Garden lighting can be integrated into individual devices or simply placed upstream of the external lighting system. Maybe it is obvious but we do not recommend buying garden lamps with crepuscular included but simply buying a single crepuscular one to put upstream.

There are basically 2 twilights type to connect to garden lighting:

• astronomical crepuscular;
• light-sensitive twilight.

The photosensitive crepuscular, as the name implies, is simply based on a sensor that detects the presence of light or not. Accordingly it is essential that this sensor is placed outdoors in a place where it can work correctly with crepuscular twilight.

This means that it is always exposed to atmospheric agents. The astronomical twilight instead contains a database which, based on the geographical coordinates and the date, accurately remit the sunrise and sunset times managing the outdoor garden lighting switching device on and off.

Hence, an astronomical crepuscular one is the best option because you can also place it inside and its length-time will be greater.

Garden Lighting: The Right IP for each Zone.

The IP Protection Degree defines the level of protection from dust and liquids of a Lighting device.

Based on the outdoor lamps location that we will use to brighten the garden, it is necessary to identify the appropriate degree of protection.

This international standard system is composed of the IP initials, followed by two numbers ranging from 0 to 6 for the first digit and from 0 to 9 for the second digit.

The first number identifies the protection against dust while the second number identifies the protection against liquids. The IP69 degree is an extension of the IEC 60529 classification introduced by German legislation and identifies devices capable of holding out against high pressures and temperatures.

The IP68 degree may not be adequate when it is necessary to use LED lights underwater due to the greater pressure that we can find in jets of water inside the swimming pool, a whirlpool tub or a fountain.

The IP67 degree is the minimum protection level that we recommend for Garden Lighting, even in partial-outdoor covered areas as humidity and fog can be difficult even if you place outdoor lights, for example under a roof.

Materials and tin plating of LED garden lighting

As we have just mentioned above, it is important to have the right degree of protection for garden lighting.

The tin plating quality for garden lighting is very important, as well as the materials used to make the devices structure.
As the solutions offered, tinning takes place with special resins tested to last for a long time. These resins have a high penetration power to avoid any water infiltration.

To resist external environments, and even on an aesthetic level, it is necessary to use special treated materials.

One of these mediums, used by our lItalian Luxury Outdoor Lighting company is the aluminum anodizing with a silver-based alloy.

This gives resistance to atmospheric agents and elegance at the same time to the lighting structure.

Garden lights elegance do not suffer any ugliness changes, not even after 20 years of installation.

You can have specific outdoor lighting solutions for gardens while maintaining their characteristic and beauty over time even in
difficult environments as seaside villages.

Avoid Light Pollution with Outdoor Lights

Light pollution is created when outdoor lights are misused.

When the light beams reach the sky or when the lighting creates blaze or disturbs the neighbor, we are faced with examples of light pollution.

If the garden lights lighting bodies are poorly oriented or even if the light emitted is too strong, we are creating situations that do not make outdoor spaces comfortable or creating glare.

Light pollution can negatively affect our circadian rhythms, while in the animal world it can negatively affect the migration of birds, creating problems for the ecosystem.

Outdoor Lighting Light Pollution Poles

Avoid Solar Garden Lighting

Solar Garden Lighting seems very popular for what it promises, it
is one of the options that are considered by inexperienced buyers, wishing to buy Outdoor lights to brighten their spaces.

Solar-powered garden lamps should allow you to light up the garden without any electricity expenses and without digging the garden to get your lighting system up.

Solar Garden Lighting System Operation

Taking advantage of the sun energy is excellent to reduce our
environmental impact and the domestic users consumption, including Garden Lighting.

The garden brightening without consuming electricity is truly intriguing, however, some clarifications must be made to avoid buying solar garden lighting that is unreliable and inadequate to provide enough intense light throughout the night.

The sun reaches the photovoltaic solar panels, transforming them into low voltage electricity. This electrical energy is transformed by an inverter and stored in a battery or battery system. In the evening, therefore, the electricity is released to power the LED garden lights such as spotlights, lanterns, wall lights etc…

Solar garden lights: why avoid them

The main advantage and the proper functioning of this type of system is the correct storage batteries sizing and solar panels and also their place.

Depending on the geographical location where the garden lighting system and solar lamps is built, the devices will receive different amounts of light. A clear example is that in Milan the solar panels needed will be 10 times more than in Dubai to create the same amount of energy. Standard solutions are therefore to be avoided.

Furthermore, even the Wrong sizing of solar garden lamps will lead to malfunctions especially when few days of rain or fog will follow.

Incorrect placement will cause the panels to be covered by the shade of plants or even the house itself, thus not allowing
the complete charging of the devices.

Garden Lighting: Design and Solar are not meant to marry up!!

A classy garden landscaping cannot be ruined by the presence of solar panels. Solar panels are a component of solar garden lighting that is essential for the operation of the devices.

However, the presence of a solar-powered garden lighting installation is not very harmonious even in some proposals that are blending solar panels and lamps design together.

If you think about it, how many classy gardens have you seen using solar-powered outdoor lamps?

it is easy to say: None !!!

LED Garden Lighting Models

LED Garden Lighting Models

Below we will list the most popular garden lighting devices, their application and their characteristics.

Garden lighting poles

One thing to know about lamps is that the higher we place the lighting source, the larger the area that will be lighting up by this source will be.

This principle is extremely adopted in pole-mounted garden lighting devices. The Garden lighting poles height is generally over 3 meters.

They can easily reach 5 meters if the area to be brightened is very large.

They take the name of garden lamps and above the pole they can have exclusively functional lighting bodies such as outdoor LED lights, or decorative elements such as lanterns.

These outdoor lighting solutions are used for lighting large gardens and therefore also for lighting parks and public squares.

Garden Lighting Poles: the Lanterns

Outdoor lanterns are the most common solutions as garden lighting. The garden lanterns are poles no higher than 2 meters, their shape resemble tall garden lamps.

Their small an elegant shape is perfect for lightening up outdoor spaces with many little light spots that creates less glare discomfort than garden lamps that from a single position spread light over a large area.

Garden lamps type like small cast iron or antique style garden lanterns can add on their top some old fashioned beacon lighting.

These last ones are the right combination to lighting up the exterior of a historic villa or a classic home than a modern one.

If, on the other hand, our villa or house has a contemporary taste, modern style garden lanterns will be more suitable, which will enhance the contemporary external structure.

Garden Lighting Outdoor LED spotlights

Led spotlights are incredible charming devices thanks to their light beams they are able to release.

By playing with these last ones, it is possible to increase the worth and the outdoor spaces value, obviously after an accurate study that must take place during the design phase.

The outdoor spotlight is available for a wide range of uses for outdoor garden lighting.

To brighten a particular detail of the green spaces, we usually use picket or undergrounded spotlights.

Garden spotlights are mainly used to lighting the greenery and other elements located outside the home, such as for:

  • trees;
  • shrubs;
  • flowers;
  • hedges;
  • flower beds;
  • amphorae;
  • sculptures.

Outdoor spotlights, on the other hand, are usually more suitable bas a path marker and for architectural outdoor lighting such as:

  • paths;
  • external facades;
  • external stairs;
  • external perimeter walls.

The alternative models for the types of garden and outdoor spotlights are practically infinite but we can mainly classify them in these categories:

  • recessed spotlights;
  • visible spotlights

Outdoor recessed spotlights can be divided into three other main sub-categories based on the type of light emission:

  • opalized;
  • with vertical projection;
  • with horizontal projection.

Another distinction we can make for the Vista LED outdoor or garden spotlight is whether it is adjustable or not. The external garden spotlights that are not recessed, can be picket spotlights and wall spotlights.

Outdoor Applique LED wall lamp

Where there are external walls or columns it is possible to use the Applique LED Wall Lamps.

This LED garden lighting type can be placed on the walls of a balcony or around and inside a gazebo, veranda or patio. Applique Led Wall Lights can be placed also around the house external walls, the walls external perimeter, external stairs or low walls roadways.

The installation of these designer outdoor lamps on the wall is perfect for enhancing the entrance to a home or, better a business entrance that will add value to the property, and it will attract a better clientele.

Outdoor LED Bars

The Outdoor LED Bars is among the latest innovations for Garden Lighting.

The contemporary and elegant use of outdoor LED bars, adds on a decorative role and high scenographic impact, especially to highlight the architecture present in modern and non-modern gardens.

Matter of fact, they are also perfect for lighting the exterior of rustic or antique style villas.

In classic or contemporary contexts, the use of recessed LED bars is more widespread, used for lighting driveways or even to delimit parking spaces in parking lots.

Garden Lighting Prices

How much does the supply of the garden lamps you have chosen cost? Definitely less than you think!!!

The prices shown in the Garden Lighting Catalog are public list prices. However, being our Italian Company of Outdoor LED Lighting Manufacturers Directly, you can get really attractive discounts also in relation to the high quality of the products.