Modern Outdoor Lamp Posts

Luxury Modern Outdoor Lamp Posts of unique features: Design Made in Italy that use of cutting-edge technologies.

Light up your garden with style !!

Modern Outdoor Lamp Posts with LED Technology

A Modern Outdoor Lamp Post to be worthy of the name, in addition to having a Contemporary Design must be equipped with the latest LED Technologies to diffuse Light.

LED lights offer many advantages and are ideal for illuminating the outdoor spaces of the house in this modern era that must be very attentive to eco-sustainability.

On average, an LED garden lamp that works with LED bulbs has an efficiency of 70-80 Lumen / Watt and a duration of 50000 hours.

For these reasons all the Modern Outdoor Lamps that you can find on this site are LED Outdoor Lamps.

In particular, the Modern Lamp Post with our LED Technology as well as offering you both Warm Light and Cold Natural Light have a luminous efficiency of 200 Lumen / Watt and an unbeatable duration of 100,000 hours.

You can also, as all modern lighting must offer, interface the devices with a home automation management system.

To this you can connect motion sensors, twilight sensors to manage the switching on and off and also the reduction of the intensity of the luminous flux.

LED Modern Outdoor Lamp Post
Italian Luxury Modern Pathway LED Lighting

In this way it is possible to increase energy savings and create amazing effects, for example to illuminate a driveway that lights up at maximum intensity when people or vehicles pass.

Another aspect related to LED technology concerns the versatility in adapting to particular shapes.
You will thus be able to purchase a solution of Garden Lamp Posts that combines Modern Design and Cutting-edge Technology.

The Modern Design of Outdoor Lamp Posts

The Garden for us should be an Oasis of Relaxation.

To create a comfortable environment, it is necessary to aim for a good landscaping that is harmoniously enhanced in the evening.

For this reason, the stylistic choices related to the concept of the Modern Exterior light posts for sale follow the Minimalist current.

Minimalism is in fact based on the essential, particularly for lighting, it means providing light without invading the environment.

The transparencies adopted in the petals of the Modern light posts blend with the environment in a wonderfully harmonious way to help create your oasis of relaxation.

Modern Forms Outdoor Lighting

The Tin plating of Modern Outdoor Lamp Post Lights

A fundamental feature that all outdoor lighting should possess is the fact that they can withstand the infiltration of water and dust.

In the case of modern outdoor lamp post lights with LED technology, the tin plating of the devices is not negligible. In fact, even very few humidity infiltrations would lead to the short-circuiting of the LED chips which in a short time would stop working.

To avoid these inconveniences, we use the latest findings between resins and silicones that make the LED modules and all the electronic parts waterproof for many years and to countless thermal excursions, radiation, rains, fogs and any other atmospheric agent that could compromise the correct functioning of the Modern Outdoor Lamps.

The New Materials of Modern Outdoor Light Fixtures

In addition to the tin plating, another not negligible aspect are the materials with which we have made the Modern Outdoor Lamps.

The choice of materials was made to ensure not only mechanical resistance but also resistance from an aesthetic point of view.

In fact, it happens very often to see modern outdoor lamp posts in gardens only apparently as shapes but which use materials that are not suitable to withstand the wear and tear of time in an outdoor environment.

To make the petal we used Lexan specially treated to resist Sun, Bad Weather, Salt, Pollution.

The Lexan maintains their spectacular transparency in the petals for a long time unlike many outdoor lanterns that after 6 months in the sun turn the mask yellow and lose their varnish after a year.

The other two materials that make up the Modern lamp posts for the outdoors are two metals that undergo specific treatments to withstand external environments such as:

  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Chrome-plated 316 stainless steel

Both take advantage of the latest in terms of treatments designed precisely to be unalterable even to the most aggressive atmospheric agents!

You will thus have the opportunity to have Modern and Italian Luxury Outdoor Lighting fixtures that will never suffer the wear and tear of time while maintaining their beauty and that of your garden unchanged.